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GreenRX™ Sauk City is part of the expanding GreenRX™ Wisconsin Brand, founded in 2018.

Our Sauk City location is currently offering Free advertising, which will ALWAYS BE FREE Advertising to Sauk County Businesses.  

Right now in our Sauk location we run 3 large flat screens, which display rotating ads for the local businesses. 

We are catering to a few hundred weekly clients and have done heavy marketing with our Madison location with billboards, radio, and many local Chambers. 

Its a great way to get eyes on your business.  Along with that we are letting any local businesses drop off coupons at our location.  We will stuff them in all carry out bags, online orders and deliveries out of our Sauk location.  This will put you in front of thousands of people each month.  The Sauk location also ties into the Madison store which maintains thousands of monthly customers.  Its an easy win for you.

In return... We want nothing.

We appreciate you welcoming us to your community.  Feel free to reach out via our contact page to add your business.  Space is limited, its first come, but we do rotate businesses every 3 months and you will repeat after that. 

Feel free to design your own image for us to display on our screens... BUT we will do it for you for FREE... just ask.

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