Give Me My Medicine - Vintage Black with Grey Leaf - Size MEDIUM

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American Cannabis Society's Vintage Black 'Give Me My Medicine®' T-Shirt is made of 100% Preshrunk Jersey Knit Cotton. 

'Give Me My Medicine®' has been shouted since the 1970's. This phrase is more than just that, as it represents all people who need herb for pain or other ailments, that may make every day living difficult or uncomfortable. 
Our Shirts are a great way to keep the "free the herb" movement going. It helps to spread the word that herb is not only a great method of recreation, but it also plays a very important part of the medical & medicinal world. "Give Me My Medicine.®"
Thank You for Pot Smoking!®

'Give Me My Medicine®' with Grey Leaf Tshirt - Color: Vintage Black

  • 6.1oz T-shirt
  • 100% Preshrunk Jersey Knit Cotton - Extremely Comfortable Wear 
  • Seamless, Double Needle 7/8"
  • "Authentic" American Cannabis Society® Apparel