2 Pack Grape Kush/ Tangie Banana Adios Pack THCA 9P Live Resin Cartridges

39.95 - Available for in store purchase only

Product Overview

Each Adios Pack comes with 2 - 2 Gram Cartridges and contains Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids.(510 Thread)

Tangie Banana-                                         Grape Kush-

THCA: 50.43mg                                          THCA: 53.82mg                                             
THC-P: 8.93mg                                           THC-P: 11.16mg
Delta 8: 1532.4mg                                      Delta 8: 1630mg
Delta 9 THC: <0.3%                                    Delta 9 THC: <0.32%
Flavor: Citrus, Creamy, Sweet                      Flavor: Grape, Earthy, Sweet